Excellent armor helmet - gladiator antique

Excellent armor helmet - gladiator antique
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Here is a gladiator helmet that is constructed of 18 gauge mild carbon steel and antiquated look given to it to give it a vintage look and feel. This is a beautiful replica of the helmet worn by maximums in the gladiator film. This gladiator helmet gained great popularity after the movie, gladiator. It features a simple yet influential design with a smooth black finish that gives it a classic look. Gladiators hold a very special place in the armor history and are even famous in present times. This exceptional antique replica gladiator helmet is really a must have for you if you are a roman enthusiast. This gladiator helmet comes in 9" ear to ear size and weighs 4 pounds also with a two front side extensions, protect the face completely. The top crest provides extra safety to the person wearing it while the specially angled long back side of armor helmet gladiator arena protects the neck. This one of a kind must have collectable piece.

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